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2014 Walk to End Alzheimer's

Marshall Students and Staff 5k walk to end Alzheimers!









Congratulations to our 35 students who were reclassified this year!  The event included

a catered Wood Ranch dinner, medals and certificates




2014 CST Awards

Congratulations to all of our recipients!





The Limo Lunch, a prize for the 16 students who sold more than 25 items for our Fall fundraiser.

They took a fancy limo ride to Toppers for lunch!




Thurgood Marshall CAG Group

Paula McCowan, Sezina Saballett, Julie Scholbrock, Erin Ferrier & Juli DiMento



2nd Grader of Oxnard Scholars After School Program, Amy made her winning design in Art Enrichment Leader Ms. Cervantez' class!

Winner of the California Strawberry Festival T-Shirt Design Contest


Oxnard Music Advocacy Group

"Connecting kids with music"

The Oxnard Music Advocacy Group made a wonderful presentation this Monday on the importance of music in a well-rounded education.  

OMAG works to connect educators, artists, parents, and students, for the benefit of all.

CLICK HERE to watch their Powerpoint presentation.





 Marshall ELAC and Kinder parents preparing for Halloween parties!



J.K. Rowling live webcast from Edinburgh, Scotland on Oct. 11th

Thanks to our librarian, Mrs. Rios!


Tracking student growth...



A Gift from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library


     The Ronald Reagan Library, in association with George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, has generously given Marshall's library a portrait of America's first president along with a beautiful flag.  A special thanks to Mrs. Reimel for working with the Reagan Library as well as our wonderful facilities employees (pictured hanging the portrait).


Bulldog Awards

Congratulations to all of our Superstar Bulldog, Language Arts, Goody, and Bucket-Filler Award winners! 





6th Graders - Immunization Information

-  Students entering 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster shot (Tdap) before starting school.  By law, students who do not have proof of receiving a Tdap booster shot will not be able to start school until proof is provided to the school.  The tetanus-diphtheria booster shot, Td, will not meet the requirement.  We urge you to make an appointment with your child's doctor or at a local clinic, in order to avoid the back to school rush.  Turn in proof of immunization to your child's school ASAP.


  We are starting the Seven Habits for Happy Kids at Marshall. 



Habit one is being Proactive


PROACTIVE – “ The best way to predict your future is to create it.”


Proactive: to take responsibility for their actions, to acknowledge mistakes rather than blaming others or making excuses, to show initiative, and to remain in charge of their emotions.


Every child is important. Every child has gifts.  Every child has potential. Every child can be a leader.


“Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” Quoted from The Leader in Me.


Henry David Thoreau “The woods would be silent if no bird sang but the best.”


“Each child is a gift and each child has gifts.”


We believe all Marshall students can be leaders of their own actions and thoughts.  Be Proactive this month.