Mission Statement

McKinna students will be academically competitive and prepared for college

Los estudiantes serán academicamente competentes y preparados para la universidad

100 Days of School

100 Days of School - Artwork created by students.

Red Ribbon Week at McKinna

This year’s Red Ribbon Week activities were a huge success. There were different events daily to send home the message that McKinna Students say “No!” to drugs. The week started out with the posting of a banner on the fence facing J street. The banner read “We Keep Our Hands Off Drugs” and was created by students. The daily themes were:

            Monday  – “Proud to Be Drug Free” - Wear Red

            Tuesday  – “Stomp Out Drugs” – Crazy Socks Day

            Wednesday – “Stay in the Game – Play Drug Free” – Wear Sports Jerseys

            Thursday – “School Spirit Day” - Wear a college, McKinna or Blue and

                                   Yellow shirt

  On Thursday, we also had a door decorating contest. The designs this year were so creative. You can see some examples below. Judges were the kindergarten teachers and our counselor. Ms. Hill’s fourth graders won first place and will get a special pizza party. Second place goes to Ms. Steketee’s class and third to Ms. Gomez’s class. Thanks to all participants for an exceptional effort this year. 

McKinna Students Present at the CUE Conference

On Saturday morning, March 22, four of McKinna’s sixth grade students presented at the Student Technology Showcase at the CUE (Computer Using Educators) Conference in Palm Springs.  The students were chosen by the Gold Coast Cue to represent the county at the event.  All four participate in the Oxnard Scholars After School Program, and they have been doing exciting, innovative projects using technology under the guidance of Susy De La Hoya and Julie Rangel who accompanied the students to Palm Springs. 

While at the showcase, the four explained to people how they helped first and second graders make a stop-action video. The video was playing on a screen in back of the booth as they gave detailed information on the process that entailed using iPads and the iStopMotion application. They also told people how they made a documentary using the iPads. This documentary, Cuentos de Mis Padres, had the students interviewing family members who described how their lives were when they were growing up. Finally, students were able to discuss using the web-based coding application, Scratch, to create video games.

In spite of having to leave Oxnard at 5 a.m. to get to Palm Springs by 9:30 for the start of the event, all had a great time. After presenting for two hours, the four were taken to the exhibitor’s hall where they were able to get souvenirs from the various vendors that were at the conference. Everyone went out to lunch before heading back to Oxnard. It was a great demonstration of the wonderful work being done by our students and the staff in the Oxnard Scholars program. 

McKinna CougARS Love Augmented Reality (AR)
      It all started last year when student teacher, Rosa Vanoni Brown, had several students that were in the Merito program do a special project on native plants. Ms. Brown placed the students in teams of four and had them research a specific plant using their iPads to access the internet. Students created original artwork to represent the plants. Then they used the iPads to make videos with a student in their group presenting information on the plant that their group was researching.
     Using the Aurasma application, Ms. Brown took pictures of the artworks that were mounted on stands next to the plants. These pictures acted as  “triggers” for a video that would play when a device with the Aurasma application was held over the images. The project debuted during the first Apple Tour last May when teachers, IT staff and administrators from districts all over the county visited McKinna.  It was a huge hit!
     At the beginning of the school year, several teachers decided to do their own augmented reality projects for Back to School Night. Mr. Armstrong, Ms. Romero and Mrs. Cannon all had projects that featured augmented reality. Parents and other visitors were amazed and delighted by this innovative use of technology to showcase their students work.
     September 13, McKinna students celebrated International Dot Day. This day was inspired by a book, The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds. It celebrates creativity and emphasizes that everyone has the ability to demonstrate creative expression. Students used the ColAR Mix application on their iPads to view 3-D coloring book pages downloaded from the ColAR Mix website. These drawings are not just beautiful, but they are natural jumping off points for creative writing and discussion.
     Finally, our youngest students in TK and Kindergarten are using augmented reality to learn the alphabet. Flash cards with drawings of animals whose names begin with the letter on the flashcard are downloaded from the AR Flashcard site. Then they are prnted and distributed to students. When the students hold their iPads over the cards, the animals become three dimensional. Students touch the 3-D animal and it says the name of the letter and the name of the animal.   
     Many examples of this work can be viewed in October on the bulletin board in the district office. We hope you will be able to visit and join in the fun.

Events / Eventos

After School Program

First grade students from McKinna Elementary ASP made a stop motion movie "How Timmy and Droopy Learned About Self Control"
  First grade students from McKinna Elementary ASP made a stop motion movie “The Three Little Pigs” using clay figures.




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