• Attendance

    Attendance plays an important part in the education experience of a student.  When students attend school every day and on time they are more likely to achieve academic success, feel like they are part of their school community, and are exposed to more opportunities that support them in their educational journey.  We understand there are reasons a student may need to miss school, but minimizing the frequency of these events will support our students in achieving success.  There are also supports available at school if your child is struggling with their attendance.  We look forward to working together to make to make this a great year. 

    Please reach out to the attendance tech or front office via phone, email, written note, or in-person to notify us when your student is absent.     

    Please reach out to our School Counselor or Outreach Specialist if you or your child need additional support with attendance or other needs.

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  • School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

    SARB (School Attendance Review Board) procedures may be initiated for students who have:

    • 3 unexcused absences, or
    • 3 truant tardies (over 1/2 hr.), or
    • over 10 tardies1 
    • Letter 1 - notification of truancy after three unexcused absences or three truant tardies. Conferenced scheduled.
    • Letter 2 - notifiction of continued concern after six unexcused absences or truancies.  Initiation of attendance contract.
    • Letter 3 notification of truancy referral to SARB after nine unexcused absences or truancies.

    * Excused Medical Notes - After 14 medical unexcused absences, a doctor's note will be required to verify absence as excused.  Any medical absences after 13 without a doctor's note will be unexcused.