Educational Technology TOSAs

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    Breana Varela - 805-385-1516 - Ext: 2307

  • As OSD Technology Support teachers we are available to support OSD staff in planning and facilitating professional development and training for staff in the use of instructional technology to support all students and subjects. We can provide support for staff meetings, department/grade level teams, PLCs, and small groups or 1:1 which can include:

    • District adopted technology and curriculums
    • Assist with curriculum design and co-planning lessons
    • Demonstrations
    • Support for Apple (iPad and apps)
    • Support for Google (Drive, Docs, Classroom, etc.)
    • Support for Microsoft Office Suite and Office 365
    • Coding and Computer Science
    • Digital Citizenship and Cyber Saftey Information
    • Planning, logistics, and troubleshooting for integrating ed tech
    • Support for a variety of tech based initiatives, applications, or tools

    In addition we are always interested in hearing about and observing OSD staff and students who are doing amazing things with ed tech. Please feel free to let us know about cool stuff happening at your site we could observe, learn from, and share.