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  • Confidentiality

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    During my Introduction to the School Counselor, given when I visit classes at the beginning of the school year, students will learn about Confidentiality. I remind them of this when they first visit my office or we start a small counseling group. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counseling and helps us to build rapport. It is what helps students feel safe to open up and share some of their thoughts and feelings. As a school counselor, I am responsible for keeping the information that I discuss with students confidential. This means that in MOST CASES, I will not share specific information about my work with students with parents, teachers, or other interested parties unless I have the student's permission to do so. HOWEVER, I also make it clear to students that there are three instances in which I would be REQUIRED to break confidentiality and take appropriate actions to ensure the student's safety. 

    If a student shares:

    1. They are wanting to hurt someone.

    2. They are wanting to  hurt themselves.

    3. Someone is hurting them- As a mandated reporter, I am REQUIRED to make a report to Child Protective Services if a student shares that there is any type of abuse or neglect in the home.