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     Hi Sharks!

    Every month you will find new skill and lessons to help support Social Emotional Learning (SEL). There will be activities and conversation starters to do on your own or with your family and a fun Friday finale where you get to show yourself doing the skill. 

    If you would like me to showcase your work please email a picture/video/drawing of yourself and the skill you have completed on the last Friday of every month at cfarias@oxnardsd.rg so that I can share it with Marina West Sharks. Have fun, I'm so excited to see you and your family practicing the skills. 


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      Emotional Regulation: Feelings/Emotions

     We all have emotions, and it is important to recognize the feelings so we can manage them in a healthy way. We feel different emotions/feelings all day, every day–sometimes every hour. Our bodies give us clues about our feelings. Activities are organized by grade levels below, click on the grade level you would like to try. Have fun!


    TK - 1st grade

    2nd - 3rd grade

    4th - 5th grade


  • *ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors:


    Skill:  Emotional Management/Emotions

    M 1: Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional and physical well-being.

    B-SMS 7: Demonstrate effective coping skills when faced with a problem.