• School Bus Schedules

    The Oxnard School District Transportation Services Department is partnering with Traversa Ride 360 to streamline computerized bus routing and parent communication. The Ride 360 website and cell phone app allow parents/guardians to access their child's school bus schedule and pick-up and drop-off location, confidentially. Ride 360 also provides the Transportation Services Department the ability to alert parents if the school bus is running late. 

    1st step: Complete a Pupil Transportation Request Form or call 805-385-1519

    Transportation Request

    2nd step: Download the appropriate information below.



    Ride 360 Website

    Ride 360

    Contact Transportation Services for additional information about Traversa Ride 360 or if you need assisatnce or questions.

    We can be contacted at 805-385-1519 or schoolbus@oxnardsd.org