•  Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments

  •  Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs):



    assessments teachers can use throughout the school year to assess smaller bundles of content. They are intended to provide educators and students the ability to check where they are at that moment in time, and educators can use results to determine next steps for instruction. Since the IABs are more granular than the ICAs, educators can use IABs during the school year more consistently with the sequence of their curricula.

  • Focused Interim Assessment Blocks (FIABs) : 



    assess no more than three assessment targets to provide educators with a more detailed understanding of student learning.

  • Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs): 


    measure similar content to the summative assessment and may be helpful for determining the knowledge and skills of students who are new to the district or the state. ICAs can also provide information about students’ knowledge and skills after a significant period of instruction. Addditionally, the ICAs test the same content and report scores on the same scale as the summative assessments (SBAC).

Interim Assessment Security

  • The interim assessments are considered student and teacher facing only. This designation provides educators the flexibility to access the test questions and their students' responses to the test questions. However, interim assessments must not be publicly displayed or distributed outside the classroom to ensure all educators can use the interim assessments as intended. Only authorized local educational agency staff and students should have access to the interim assessments. Finally, interim assessment items must not be copied into third party systems without the permission of Smarter Balanced. Without permission, such activity is a copyright violation. Staff and students are expected to adhere to these requirements to the greatest extent possible.

    Smarter Balanced Assessment System

Interim Resources

Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Video Series

  • Module 1: Introduces the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments

  • Module 2: Introduces the Interim Assessment Viewing System

  • Module 2: Interim Assessment Viewing System demo

  • Module 3: Introduces Administering the Interim Assessments

  • Module 3: Administering the Interim Assessments Demo

  • Module 4: Introduces the Interim Assessment Training Guides and Exemplars

  • Module 4: Introduces Administering the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System

  • Module 4: Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Demo

  • Module 5: How educators can use CERS

  • Module 5: How administrators can use CERS

  • SB Tools for Teachers Remote Teaching and Learning


    The site contains guidance on:                                              

    • Administering interim assessments, including do's and don'ts
    • Accessibility considerations to support all students
    • Planning and designing your approach to remote teaching
    • FAQs
    • Other external resources are intended to support students, teachers and families.