Behavioral Support Services


    What are behavioral support services:

    Behavior services are school-based interventions based on applied behavior analysis for children who are in need of behavior programs.   Behavior services are similar to other DIS services that are offered to students within the Oxnard School District.  Behavior services are available for students who have an IEP, do not have an IEP, and for those students who are being assessed to determine if they qualify for an IEP.  Behavior services also include consultation, training, and support for both special education and general education staff.  


    The purpose of behavioral support services is twofold:  1) to collaborate with school staff and support their understanding and implementation of evidence-based practices and 2) to design and promote environments that decrease challenging behaviors that are impacting student's academic, social-emotional, and overall well-being while increasing the skills that will help students be a successful member of their school community.  

    Behavior Support Team:

    The behavior support team is composed of behavior specialists and behaviorally-trained paraeducator staff who support the Oxnard School District.  We are a group of skilled, competent and trained professionals with different backgrounds and expertise within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. We strive to provide high-quality behavior services and support to our schools, students and families. We pride ourselves in implementing evidence-based practice and data-driven interventions in order to promote successful classroom environments as well as individual student growth.

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