• The Board of Trustees, as a matter of choice and policy, has determined that it will provide transportation to and from school. The District offers limited transportation for pupils kindergarten through 8th grade for the following schools:

    K-5 Elementary Schools

    • Elm
    • Harrington
    • McAulliffe
    • Ritchen
    • Sierra Linda

    K-8 Schools

    • Chavez
    • Curren
    • Marshall

    6-8 Academies

    • Frank
    • Fremont
    • Lopez

    Students shall be eligible for transportation service to and from school if the distance between their school-established bus stop and the school is beyond 1.5 miles. All students will be required to have a bus pass issued by the District.

    Click or scan below to request transportation or call 805-385-1519:


    Transportation Request

  • Click on the link below to determine if your address is eligible for transportation

    My School Locator

    Instructions for measuring the distance to your school site on My School Locator:

    1. Enter your address in the box at the top (an icon of a house will appear at the address entered);

    2. Using the cursor (the cursor will change from an open hand to a pointing finger) click on the school your pupil is attending;

    3. A dispaly for the school will open;

    4. Click on 'Walking' and a blue route will appear;

    5. The directions and distance will appear in the right column.