• OSD Student Profile

    Oxnard School District students will be promoted from our schools with the following traits:


    Students will be creative writers, successful readers and mathematical thinkers; able to create, design, and apply new knowledge in a variety of contexts.

    Problem Solver

    Students will be confident and solution oriented; able to demonstrate a growth mindset and advocate for themselves and for others.


    Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge on local and state measures in all academic areas.

    Global thinker

    Students will be compassionate, multilingual, and inclusive; able to understand and to convey pride in their identity, heritage, and history.


    Students will be collaborative learners; able to communicate and learn through and with others.

    Digital Learner

    Students will be technologically, artistically, academically and linguistically prepared to succeed and to lead.

    Focused on the Future

    Students will be high school, college, and career ready; challenged to select rigorous courses and equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to be prepared for the future.

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