GATE Identification Process


    Second Grade

    All second grade students will be tested for GATE identification using the Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices during a district wide testing window in January. Parents will be notified as we get closer to the assessment window and have the option to opt their child out of testing. 


    Referral for 3rd-8th Grade Students

    3rd through 8th grade students must be referred to the GATE identification process by a teacher, parent/guardian, and/or school administrator during the GATE identification window. Interested parents should contact their child's teacher to initiate the referral process. Any referred student must submit a signed parent/guardian permission form


    All received referrals will be screened and the recommendation to continue the assessment process will be made using multiple measures.

    • Classroom Performance
    • STAR 360 Assessment Data
    • CAASPP Assessment Data (4th - 8th grade Only)
    • Teacher Observation Checklist



    Qualified students will be scheduled to take Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices.  


    GATE Test Results

    GATE results will be mailed to parent/guardian in the spring, at the end of the GATE identification process (see GATE flyer). Parents/guardians of students that qualified to receive Gifted Services will be invited to the GATE New Parent Orientation in the spring. 

     Students who qualify will be served the following academic school year.