• What are English Learner Programs & Services?

         As parents register their children they are asked to complete a survey on the language spoken at home by the child and parents.  This federally mandated form known as the, Home Language Survey, is very important in identifying students who may be limited in their English language abilities.  If a student speaks another language they are given the English Language Proficiency Assessment of California (ELPAC), a required test by the state of California.  If a student does not pass the test with advanced levels of English fluency they are then considered English Learners and given support by our schools and district to assist them with the development of their English language skills.  Research shows that it takes about 5-7 years for a student to attain academic levels of proficiency in a second language.

         Our goal in the ELS department is to engage and support every student in learning English and reaching their highest potential in all academic content areas through the support of school site leadership, teachers, and staff in promoting best practices to meet the instructional needs of our English Learner students. 

         Currently the Oxnard School District enrolls over 16,000 students of which 9035 are English Learners.  Through the different programs offered our goal is to reclassify students to Fluent English Proficiency and opening up the opportunities for our second language learners in high school, college and beyond!