Child Nutrition Program Partners

  • California Thursdays


    California Thursdays is a collaboration between the Center for Ecoliteracy and a network of public school districts to serve healthy, freshly prepared school meals made from California grown food. Serving fresh healthy food supports student health and academic achievment. It helps kids learn where their food comes from. Buying locally creates jobs and boosts the economy. It is also good for the environment. 

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  • HOTM

    Harvest of the Month is an initiative of the California Department of Public Health that features nutrition education tools and resources to support healthy lifestyle habits like eating fruits and vegetables every day. Oxnard School District serves Harvest of the Month Recipes the third Thursday of each month. 

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  • School Food Focus

    School Food Focus is the national collaborative that ignites change in our food system by transforming the way school food is produced and purchased so that every child in the U.S. regardless of income or race - has access to healthy food. 

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  • VCF2S

    ‘Farm to school’ refers to a national movement that connects schools with local farmers and food processors in order to serve more locally grown, nutrient-rich and tasty foods in school cafeterias. Farm to school programs also include food, agriculture and nutrition-based education that includes standards-based curriculum and a host of hands-on experiential activities, such as school gardens, farm field trips, and cooking classes.

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  • Lean and Green

    Lean and Green is a global movement with a simple message: once a week, cut the meat. The goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15% for our personal health and the health of the planet. Oxnard School District paricipates by offering mealess meals every Friday. 

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  • Food Corps

    Food Corps is creating a future in which every school is a healthy school, and every child is well nourished and ready to learn. 

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  • ADA

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.

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