• Kamala School
    AVID Team-Building Co-Ed Intramural Basketball Program
    Code of Conduct

    As a member of a middle school intramural team you have many responsibilities.  Summarized below are the eligibility rules which you must observe:

    1. You must attend all classes on game days in order to participate.
    2. You must adhere to the code of conduct and the 6 Pillars of Character
    3. You must obey all school rules
    4. You must accept responsibility for your actions.


    Please Sign the Following Affirmation:  I am aware of my responsibilities and regulations governing my participation in AVID Team-Building Co-Ed Intramural Activities.  I will so govern myself that my association with the program will bring honor to it and my school and I shall expect to be asked to withdraw from the activity in case I fail to do so.  I have read and understand the above requirements.  Any attempt to circumvent the rules will result in me being declared ineligible. 


    Please Sign the Following Affirmation:  I hereby grant permission for the above named student to participate in AVID Team-Building Co-Ed Intramural Basketball.  I have read and understand the above requirements. I am aware that participation/play in any activity involves the risk of injury. Any attempt to circumvent the rules will result in my student-athlete being declared ineligible.

    Intramural Athlete Code of Conduct

     Intramural activity competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character and other important life skills. The highest potential is achieved when participants are committed to pursuing victory with honor according to six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the “Six Pillars of Characters”). I understand that, in order to participate in middle school activities, I must act in accord with the following: 

    1. Trustworthiness — be worthy of trust in all I do.
      1. Integrity — live up to high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship and always pursue victory with honor.
      2. Honesty — live and compete honorably; don’t engage in dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct.                   
      3. Loyalty — be loyal to my school and team; put the team above personal glory.
    2. Respect — treat all people with respect all the time and require the same of other students.
      1. Class — live and play with class; be a good sport; be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity.
      2. Disrespectful Conduct — don’t engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity and trash talking.
      3. Respect the called fouls
    3. Responsibility- Importance of Education — be a student first and commit to getting the best education I can.
      1. Role-Modeling — Remember, participation in activities is a privilege, not a right.
      2. Self-Control — exercise self-control; don’t fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration.
    4. Fairness — live up to high standards of fair play; be open-minded; always be willing to listen and learn.
    5. Caring- Show concern for others — demonstrate concern for others; never intentionally injure any player or engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to myself or others.
      1. Teammates — help promote the well-being of teammates by positive counseling and encouragement.
    6. Citizenship- Play by the Rules abide by all applicable game and competition rules.
      1. Spirit of rules — honor the spirit and the letter of rules.