• Kamala School
    AVID Team-Building Co-Ed Intramural Basketball Program
    Team and Athlete Expectations


    1. Philosophy: Fun, Fair, Safe.
    2. Respect: Players, Staff, and Spectators.
    3. Report to court immediately after dismissed from eating lunch.
      1. Using full-size basketball court
      2. Games start with a jump ball by adult
    4. Players will referee own games
    5. Captains assist collect equipment before and after games.
    6. Players may not switch teams.
    7. Games will end 1 minute before the end of lunch when adult blows the whistle.
    8. Only players participating will be allowed on the court or field of play.
    9. Players or teams that do not follow guidelines will not be allowed to participate
    10. All players must play during the game.
      1. Must have a girl on court at all times
      2. Must have a 6th grader on the court at all times
    11. Only players on roster may be allowed to participate.
    12. All baskets are 1 point
      1. Adult will keep score
    13. All games conclude with sportsmanship high-five at half court.
    14. If any concerns or complaints, must complete a protest form to be turned in after school
    15. Players will follow all school policies.