• Volunteer

    ALL Volunteers need to clear through the Department of Human Resources and Support Services.  All volunteers must be 18 years or older.

    General requirements for ALL Volunteers/Observers/Student Teachers/Coaches/Other:

    • Complete Volunteer/Observer or Student Teacher Form
    • Fingerprint clearance
    • TB (tuberculosis) clearance

    All parents and other volunteers need to clear even if they are only attending one field trip, one class participation, one activity, etc.

    If a Volunteer (parent/grandparent/coach/other community volunteer) has cleared and has been volunteering consecutive years they do not need to fingerprint again; they do however, need to fill out the volunteer form each year and turn it in to HR at the District Office. HR will verify that the volunteer's identification or TB has not expired.

    New parent volunteers/other volunteers please call (805) 385-1501 Extension 2050 to make an appointment to fingerprint, no walk-ins. HR can also provide a TB paid certificate.

    Once the volunteer has met all the requirements HR will notify the School Principal and the School Office Manager via email. HR will also contact the volunteer telling them they have cleared and can reach out to the school to start volunteering.