StudySync Resource Page

  • The best place to find resources for professional development to better learn how to use StudySync is to login to the ConnectED portal and use their California Professional Learning Enviorment. Find PDFs and videos easily searchable by keyword as well as strategies for using the different StudySync components.

    Please view the short video below to see how to access the resources.

OSD StudySync Tech Updates

About StudySync

  • stock image 1 Today’s students are deeply immersed in social learning. They are continually accessing and sharing information, communicating on multiple platforms, and consuming and creating diverse forms of media. In short they are becoming digital citizens.

    StudySync engages these digitally-connected students with media-rich learning experiences, real-world topics, and a direct read-write connection, while giving teachers flexible digital tools and engaging print resources supporting teaching, differentiation, and standards-based assessment.

    You will find links to resources here to help you learn and explore how to integrate StudySync with your students' learning.