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    Notice: As of Fall 2019 MyMath has begun working on porting their My Math program to a non Flash based platform. Puffin Academy Browser has shut down operations as of July 1st 2019 (Link). Due to this some aspects of the My Math platform will be unaccesable or lack previous interactivity. Please refer to the statement from McGraw-Hill below: 

    Due to technology innovations and changes in web development tools, flash is beginning to be unsupported by most browsers. My Math ©2013/2014 currently uses flash technology in the lesson presentations and some digital assets. McGraw Hill is currently in the process of remedying these issues and making all My Math ©2013/2014 content available without flash restrictions. This work will be released to our My Math users in three phases. A technology upgraded eBook will be released in mid-September 2019 for your use this fall. Digital assets such as videos and games will be released on Nov. 15, 2019. This 2nd release will also include another deployment of the eBook. The final release will distribute flash-free Lesson Presentations by Jan. 30, 2020.