Videos on Setting up Grade Book

  • Video Tutorial - Setting up Grade Book for Grades K-5

    Video Tutorial - Setting up Grade Book

Video on Creating Assignments and Posting Marks

Video on Printing Report Cards

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Grade Book Update

  • Q Grade Book allows for attaching multiple standards to individual assignments/tasks. You can do this but there are some caveats:

    1. Teachers should not be adding the ‘Effort’ standard (which is not really a standard) to individual assignments/tasks. This should not be used and instead should be an overall effort score that encompasses ‘Effort’ in that subject are over an entire marking period and input when doing final marks for the report card or as a separate ‘Effort’ only assignment/task.
    2. If you have added ‘Effort’ as a standard to an individual assignment/task you must edit your assignments and remove it. The technical reason for this is that when adding numeric scores to assignments/tasks that contain academic standards based on a grading scale all scores default to the ‘Effort’ scale and this will cause calculation issues when posting marks from the Grade Book to the Report Card. See attached image. Once removed you can change ‘Standards’ value to align to the ‘Score’ value and will preserve the correct standards based calculations for posting directly to the report card.

     QGB1 QGB2

    1. If you add multiple standards to an assignment/task, Q Grade Book cannot differentiate any breakdown by standard if they make up different percentages of an overall score. Standards scores can be edited by the teacher to reflect this by changing the values in the ‘Standards’ See attached image.


    If you would like any help with Grade Book or the Report Card please do not hesitate to contact your OSD Tech TOSAs.