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    Posted by Angela Duarte on 4/18/2018

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    Posted by Dual Language Programs on 4/18/2018

    Why is there a proposal to change the Chavez DLI to 50/50 from the current 80/20? 

    As a district we feel that the 50-50 program is more appropriate program that will allow us to get best student results.

    My daughter is going to be a 1st grader next year.  Would she be able to be in the 50/50 DLI program?

    Yes it is posible.  You must complete a program options form and an intra-district transfer form.  If there is no space available the student will be placed on a waiting list.

    What happens when kids in DLI get to high school?

    The High School is working with our district to create an AP Pathway for our students.

    My child is attending TK, how do I make sure he doesn’t lose his place when he transitions to Kindergarten? I want him in the dual immersion program.

    It does not matter what school your child attends TK.  All TK students will need to submit an application for Kindergarten DLI and be part of the lottery process.

    My child is in TBE program. Does he qualify for a 50/50 program?

    Yes it is posible, you will need to fill out an options form and an intra-dictrict form.  If there is no space he/she will be placed on a waiting list.

    My child is in 2nd grade in an English language class. Does he qualify for the DLI program for next year?

    Yes it is posible.  The student will need to be tested in the Spanish proficiency level to ensure that he/she succed in the DLI program.  After approved, the parent will need to fill out paperwork to change programs.  If there is no space the student will be placed in the waiting list.

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