Material Safety Data Sheets

Sub Handbook

Substitute Handbook

  • Welcome to the world of Child Nutrition Services. We thank you for joining our team and look forward to working with you. Please take the time to inform yourself in regards to our program. It will be helpful for you to be acquainted with the way in which the program is administered and what your part will be in it. Keep this reference book on hand for information you might need or find useful and necessary to your assignments throughout the school year.

    Substitute Employee Handbook




  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety, from biolgial, chemical and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level. In this manner, HACCP attempts to avoid hazards rather than attempting to inspect finished products for the effects of those hazards. 

    HACCP Guidelines for CCP