• Educational Program

    The implementation of 21st century learning environments is driven by two programs — an educational program that outlines academic achievement opportunities at the District level, and a facilities program with capital improvements to support the implementation of the educational program. The reconfiguration of the Educational Program has expanded the number of K-8 schools, extended all-day kindergarten programs, and implemented K-5 elementary schools with strands that integrate with reconfigured 6-8 middle school Academy programs.

    In addition, the District has adopted Educational Specifications for guiding the design of future school facilities, as required by California Department of Education for consistency with standards under Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. Previous efforts have established a vision for implementation of the specifications, and include:

    • Fully integrating every child’s use of a 1:1 computing device into the design of learning spaces and support facilities, such that projects are designed from the “inside-out” and architectural plans match the needs of educational programs
    • Providing improved site security and fencing for all projects
    • Accommodating multipurpose rooms that provide sufficient indoor space to reduce the number of required lunch periods to three, ceiling heights and room configurations that accommodate indoor athletics (e.g. basketball, volleyball), and performance spaces that accommodate school and community events
    • Maximizing available playfield space for school and community use (e.g. soccer) through use of two-story classroom construction where possible
    • Prioritizing a pedestrian oriented circulation and campus design to improve the experience of parents and families accessing each school sites

    Further information regarding the Educational Reconfiguration of School Sites throughout the District and efforts to enhance learning through technology can be found on the following pages: