• Project Overview

    Completed projects include improvements to kindergarten facilities at Ritchen, Brekke, and McAuliffe schools, construction of science labs at Chavez, Curren, Kamala, Dr. Lopez Academy, and Fremont schools and the initial deployment of state-of-the-art learning resources, including 1:1 mobile devices for all students and teachers at every school.  Five new 21st Century schools were constructed at Harrington, Elm, Driffill, Lemonwood, and McKinna to replace the prior obsolete facilities.  A new 12 classroom building serving grades 6-8 was completed at the prior Marshall elementary school to create the newest K-8 school.  New TK/K/SDC “flex” classrooms at Brekke, McAuliffe, Ritchen, and Ramona elementary schools were completed, as well as ECDC facilities at Lemonwood and Harrington elementary schools with additional such facilities under design for Driffill. Design approval from the Division of State Architect (DSA) and California Department of Education (CDE) for the Ritchen and McAuliffe school modernization improvements have been achieved. The Rose Avenue Reconstruction project is currently under construction.

    The Enhanced Master Construct Program further identified the need for additional improvements.  Ritchen, Ramona, McAuliffe, and Brekke K-5 schools are in need of equivalent 21st Century classroom improvements and reconstruction of select support facilities. Driffill, Chavez, Kamala and Curren K-8 schools need similar 21st Century improvements to classrooms, and upgrade or reconstruction of support facilities. The K-5 component of Marshall school is also in need of 21st Century upgrades. At the middle school level, Frank needs 21st Century upgrades throughout its existing facilities.  Fremont and Lopez are now old, have met their useful life, and in need of replacement to meet the planned level of enrollment. Additional TK/K/SDC and ECDC facilities are needed to fully meet the district’s enrollment and State standards.