• Rose Avenue Elementary Reconstruction

    Rose Avenue Elementary was built in 1965 on a 9.3-acre site and is operated as a K-5 school with 31 permanent and 3 portable classrooms. The adopted Program recognizes earlier assessments of the site, which found the need for extensive modernization to provide a new media center, modernized classrooms and multipurpose room/food service building, upgraded electrical and other utilities, and improved playfields, vehicular areas, lunch shelters, and play equipment.  In lieu of a costly renovation, the Program has adopted a reconstruction plan for the campus.

    Rose Avenue Conceptual Site Plan – June 2017

    Rose Avenue Conceptual Design – June 2017

    The proposed reconstruction of Rose Avenue locates all new facilities in the south half of the site along La Puerta Avenue, where playfields currently exist, enabling the existing Rose Avenue Elementary to continue in operation until construction is complete. Upon completion, the north half of the site would be demolished and replaced with new playgrounds, hard courts, and play fields. New facilities include a two-story classroom building, library, administration space, multipurpose room, playfields, hard courts, and support spaces.

    Though the project is not scheduled to commence construction until 2020, in an effort to maximize potential State funding, the design of Rose Avenue was accelerated to 2017 and an architect selection process has been initiated.  IBI Group was selected to design the project, and a selection process for lease-leaseback preconstruction and construction services is currently underway.  Construction of the project is anticipated to commence in August 2020 and be completed by January 2022.  Application for State Aid funding by OPSC will be expedited once design is completed and DSA and CDE approval has been received.