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Results for Oxnard School District

California Drinking Water in Schools

Water Testing Results

California Assembly bill 746 (AB746) Water/Lead Testing requires schools to test for lead in potable water systems at every school site constructed prior to January 1, 2010. If school samples have test results of less than or equal to 15 parts per billion (ppb), no further testing is needed. One part per billion is equivalent to about one drop in an Olympic sized swimming pool. Below are the results from test conducted by the Oxnard School District.

For more information on the lead sampling for schools program, see the State Water Resources Control Board’s "Frequently asked questions about Lead Testing of Drinking Water in California schools".

To receive a copy of the lab report please contact the Oxnard School District Facilities Department at #805-385-1514 ext. 2500.

The document below provides information regarding the results of Lead Testing in water at our school sites.

Results of Lead Testing in water for the Oxnard School District Schools