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School Climate - Safety


Oxnard School District Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of providing a safe school environment that is conducive to learning and helps ensure student safety and the prevention of student injury. The Superintendent or designee shall implement appropriate practices to minimize the risk of harm to students, including, but not limited to, practices relative to school facilities and equipment, the outdoor environment, educational programs, and school-sponsored activities. The following Board Policies and Administrative Regulations provide guidance to staff and assurances to families of a safe learning environment:

BP 5131 Conduct

BP 5131.1 Bus Conduct

AR 5131.1 Bus Conduct

BP 5131.4 Student Disturbances

AR 5131.4 Student Disturbances

BP 5131.5 Vandalism and Graffiti

BP 5131.6 Alcohol and Other Drugs

AR 5131.6 Alcohol and Other Drugs

BP 5131.62 Tobacco

 AR 5131.62 Tobacco

BP 5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

AR 5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

BP 5136 Gangs

AR 5136 Gangs

BP 5137 Positive School Climate

BP 5138 Conflict resolution/Peer mediation

BP 5142 Safety

AR 5142 Safety

BP 5145.3 Nondiscrimination / Harassment

AR 5145.3 Nondiscrimination / Harassment

 BP 5145.7 Sexual Harassment

AR 5145.7 Sexual Harassment

BP 5145.9 Hate-motivated Behavior

School Climate - Safety

In the context of school climate, safety refers to how safe students feel, physically and emotionally, as well as how much do they feel they are respected as an individual witin the school community.