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Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Physical Fitness Test

The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is a state mandated fitness assessment for all students in grades five, seven, and nine administered in the spring. California has chosen the FITNESSGRAM as the annual PFT for students in California public schools. The primary goal of the test is to help students establish lifetime habits of regular physical activity. 

FitnessGram, the Cooper Institute

The FITNESSGRAM consists of the following five areas. Four out of the five test areas have more than one test option. Students are given as much of the test as their physical condition permits. 

  • Abdominal Strength and Endurance
  • Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility

The FITNESSGRAM uses health-related standards to evaluate performance. The desired performance standard for each fitness area test is the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ). This standard represents the level of fitness that offers protection against diseases that result from sedentary living. Students should strive to achieve a score within the HFZ for each of the six fitness areas above. If the performance goal is not met, the results are classified as Needs Improvement. 

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