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Renaissance Star Assessments


Star Assessments


Star assessments are computer-adaptive tests designed to give educators accurate, reliable, and valid data quickly so that they can make good decisions about instruction and intervention. Star Reading (grades 2-8), Star Math (grades K-8), and Star Early Literacy (grades K-1-2*) include skills-based test items, learning progressions for instructional planning, and in-depth reports. They bridge testing and instruction. They provide a wealth of information about your child’s reading and math skills.

  • Star Early Literacy: Administered to students in kindergarten, first, and second grade or beginning readers who do not yet read independently. It helps educators monitor students' growing literacy skills and progress towards becoming independent readiers. It consists of 27 items and generally takes fewer than 15 minutes for the student to complete.
  • Star Reading: Administered to students in grades kindergarten through eight grade. It consists of 35 items and generally takes fewer than 30 minutes for the student to complete.
  • Star Math: Administered to students in first through eight grade. It consists of 34 items and takes approximately 20 minutes for the student to complete the assessment. 
  • Star Spanish: Administered to participating kindergarten through eight grade students in the Dual Immersion Program. It is included with Star Early Literacy, Star Reading and Star Math. 

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Administering Star Assessments

Star Early Literacy Demonstration Video

Early Literacy Video Demo

Star Reading Demonstration Video

Reading Demo

Star Math Demonstration Video

Math Demo