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Smarter Balanced Smarter Content Explorer

Smarter Content Explorer

The Smarter Content Explorer is a user-friendly website that helps teachers interpret student results by understanding the claims, targets, and standards that are being assessed. It includes information about what knowledge and skills are essential for college and career readiness. Users can use it to supports their instruction, plan activities and understand how standards relate to Smarter Balanced claims and targets. Users can access customized content generated by a quick search - by subject, grade, and target or academic standard - which includes the following: 

  • sample test items
  • standard and target alignment
  • depth of knowledge levels
  • evidence statements
  • guidance for selecting appropriate stimuli
  • task models 

Additionally, users can access assessment blueprints that describe the content of the English language arts/literacy and math tests, accessibility guidelines, information about how test questions are structured and scored, and information on test design and development. 

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What is Smarter Balanced Content Explorer ?

Smarter Content Explorer Demonstration Video


Smarter Balanced

Additional professional learning resources for the Content Explorer and more tools that make up the Smarter Balanced “ecosystem” can be accessed from the Tools for Teachers website (account required). Site staff can obtain an account either through self-registration or through their LEA CAASPP/ELPAC coordinator.