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Extended School Year (ESY) 2024

Please consider the following as you determine your response on the ESY participation form that was sent home:

The Extended Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) is designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students. ELOP focuses on addressing the academic, social, emotional, and physical aspects of your child’s development through hands-on and engaging learning experiences. This may include dance, science, engineering, art, music and other topics. ELOP also offers field trips.ELOP aims to provide enriching opportunities that supplement the traditional curriculum.

Extended School Year (ESY) is an extension of the regular academic year, specifically tailored for students who require special education and related services beyond the standard school calendar. ESY is offered to prevent the regression of learned skills and to ensure continuous progress in the identified areas of challenge determined during the IEP process. This program aims to help students maintain their academic progress and educational benefit.

Both ELOP and ESY programs are designed to support the individual needs of our students and enhance their overall educational experience.

ESY and ELOP will be offered at various sites this year and there will always be an ELOP program at an ESY site.

You will receive the site for your child’s ESY program once it is determined as we are currently accepting ESY participation forms and deciding how many sites are required.

This will require that you choose one of three options on the ESY participation form:

  2. ESY in the morning (8am -12 noon) and ELOP in the afternoon  

Transportation to all programs is provided.

If you attend ESY and then transition to the ELOP program at the site you will have transportation after ELOP. If you choose to ONLY attend ELOP you will have transportation home after ELOP.

If you only attend ESY you will have transportation after ESY. ESY is from 8am -12 noon.

Your bus route and time will be sent to you when they are finalized.

If you have any questions or would like further information about ELOP you can call 1(805) 385-1501 and contact Judy Orejel at ext. 2324 or Susan Hernandez at  ext. 2347.

If you have more questions about the special education department’s ESY program always feel free to call the special education department at 1(805) 385-1501 ext. 2160