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Managers of Special Education

Managers of Special Education provide a range of support to teachers and school sites across the Oxnard School District. Some of these supports include (not exhaustive):

  • Support teacher’s curriculum implementation and compliance 
  • Program planning and instructional delivery 
  • Monitoring and guidance for student placements and staff support
  • Overall IEP compliance, implementation and development support
  • Consult and implementation monitoring for Behavior interventions
  • Provide professional development and training for SIRAS and site support for initial ATAC consultation
  • Collaboration with county instructional programs 

General Duties:

  • IEP preparation, execution, and compliance
  • Behavior Intervention
  • Instruction (differentiation and delivery)
  • Monthly special education meetings for site staff in collaboration with Principal/Department Chairs
  • Manifestation Determinations IEPs
  • Site Special Education Department administrative support
  • Home/Hospital for students  with IEPs as associated with site assignments
  • Special Education Program Support/Development at site
  • Incoming Placements for students with IEPs

Robert Scheerger Ext. 2160

  • Chavez
  • Frank
  • Fremont
  • Lemonwood
  • Marina West
  • Sierra Linda
  • Harrington
  • Phoenix (Camarillo,Los Nogales, Moorpark; VCOE)
  • Direct support to Reading Horizons Programming with a focus on literacy for mild to moderate programs in K-5 classrooms

Dr. Julie Kroener Ext. 2160

  • Curren
  • Driffill
  • Autism Classes at Ritchen
  • Kamala
  • Lopez
  • Rose
  • Soria
  • Triton (VCOE)
  • District Wide Autism classroom supports and program development 

Theresa McGee Ext. 2160

  • Brekke
  • Elm
  • Ramona
  • McAuliffe
  • Ritchen
  • McKinna
  • Foster, Dwire, Penfield Las Colinas, Sunkist (VCOE)
  • Marshall
  • District Wide DHH Program and VI Program
  • District Wide Moderate Severe Programming Support 

Mary Truax

Rosie Casas, Office Manager, Ext. 7400
Blanca Gaytan, SPED Data Tech. Ext. 7403
Krystal Corona, Office Assistant II, Ext. 7402

  • San Miguel Preschool  
  • B.E.S.T. / Infant Program / DHH
  • Pre-K Student Enrollment
  • Preschool Assessment