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Program Specialists

Special Ed Collage

Provide leadership and support for the assessment and implementation of curriculum programs.
Monitor and assess program activities and work collaboratively with teachers.
Provide support to classroom teachers with the implementation of the California Standards.
Assist in the development and implementation of program goals and curriculum.
Assist classroom teachers in diagnosing curricular weaknesses through interim assessment and planning appropriate differentiated instruction.
Provide professional development and training concerning research and teaching techniques.
Assist in the assessment of student skills; assist staff with analyzing and interpreting related data.
Assist classroom teachers with identifying appropriate interventions for students.
Conduct demonstration lessons that model effective instructional strategies.


Dr. Alison Raigoza Ext. 2171
IXL math support 

  • Chavez (Tk-8)
  • Driffill (Tk-8)
  • Elm (Tk-5)
  • Kamala (Tk-8)
  • McKinna (Tk-8)
  • Ritchen (Tk-5) RSP/MM
  • Rose Ave.
  • San Miguel
  • Sierra Linda
  • Teacher PD & Support
  • Program Specialist

Erin Smith Ext. 2188
Reading Horizons support 

  • Fremont (6-8)
  • Harrington (Tk-5)
  • Lemonwood (Tk-8)
  • Marina West (Tk-5)
  • Marshall (Tk-8)
  • McAuliffe (Tk-5) RSP/ED
  • Soria (Tk-8)
  • VCOE Schools
  • Teacher PD & Support
  • MM Math/Reading Intervention Curriculum

Patty Tolle Ext. 2168
Moderate-severe curriculums support, which include EdMark, Touch Math and UNIQUE

  • Brekke (Tk-5)
  • Curren (Tk-8)
  • Frank (6-8)
  • Lopez (6-8)
  • McAuliffe (M/S)
  • Ritchen (Tk-5)
  • VCOE – Triton
  • Teacher PD & Support
  • MS Math/Reading
  • Intervention
  • Curriculum