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About Transportation Services


Our Vision

"Transporting Children Safe and On-time - Empowering Children to Achieve Excellence" 

Our Mission:

To realize our vision it is our mission to transport our passengers in a safe, professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner to ensure student access to educational programs, promote regular attendance, reduce tardiness, so that the pupils we serve may enhance their educational journey, and extend their horizons beyond their everyday world.

The Oxnard School District operates eleven (10) home-to-school routes and contracts fifty-five (48) home-to-school routes for students enrolled in the District's education programs.

The District provides transportation to and from school for general education and special education students who reside within the board-approved busing guidelines, as well as transportation for field trips. The district transports more than 2,500 students each day. Because the school bus is an extension of the classroom, what happens on the bus can have a significant impact on the student's school day. It is the bus driver's job to provide students a ride in a supportive environment between home and school so they arrive ready to learn.