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District Field Trip Program

Transportation For School-Related Trips (AR  3541.1  Business and Non-instructional Operations) 

The district may provide transportation for students, employees, and other individuals for field trips and other school-related trips approved according to Board policy and administrative regulation. 


Dates for field trips must be requested by your Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, or Secretary in Traversa. Provide the following information for date availability and monetary quote:

  • Identify type of trip in the notes section. Types of trips are the following: All-day, Split Trips, One-Way Take to destination, and/or One-Way Return to school site. 
  • Destination (Physical Address).
  • Times (Departure Time from site, Return Time to site).
  • Number of Students and Grade Levels.
  • Number of Adults (Paraeducators, Parents/Guardians, and Teachers).
  • Special Equipment Required (Harness, Wheelchair, Carseat, and Seatbelt Lock). Must be entered in the notes section.
  • Contact Name and Phone Number (Teacher(s) or Oxnard School District staff in charge of the field trip).
  • The Oxnard School District Transportation Department staff will review the field trip request. If the date(s) are available an email will be sent to the Requester with a monetary quote. 
  • A Requisition for the  field trip must be submitted in Escape after the Transportation Department  has provided a monetary quote to secure the date requested.

Please be aware Transportation Services will only hold the requested field trip date for only 10 business days from the day the monetary quote was provided. If the approved requisition for the field trip is not provided to the Transportation Department within the allotted 10 business days, the field trip will be CANCELED. This  field trip date will become available for other school sites or departments.

This procedure must be followed for all field trips, regardless of how it is being funded.


The Board of Trustees recognizes that school-sponsored trips are an important component of a student's development and supplement and enrich the classroom learning experience. School-sponsored trips may be conducted in connection with the district's course of study or school-related social, educational, cultural, athletic, school band activities, or other extracurricular or co-curricular activities. - BP 6153

AR 6153 - It is important that the time limits of each trip be adhered to. The teacher should therefore make every effort to see that pupils are returned to the bus in time for it to return within the time limitations established by the transportation department on the trip confirmation. (See FEES below)

DEDICATED TRIP: (Two (2) buses available per school day) - Conflicting Trips: This is a trip that conflicts with routes. Generally, the trip departs the school site after 8:45 AM and/or returns to the school after 2:00 PM. Therefore, the department has to utilize additional equipment and personnel to complete the trip.

NON-DEDICATED TRIP: (Three (3) buses available per school day) - Non-Conflicting Trips: Field trips that do not conflict routes. Generally, it is a trip that departs and returns between 8:45 AM and 2:00 PM. The field trip can be completed by a District route bus and driver, not requiring the use of additional equipment or personnel.

CANCELLATION NOTICE - Twenty-four-hour notice will be required for cancellation to avoid the assessment of a charge. The only exception is that inclement weather notice must be given before our equipment leaving base; otherwise, a $50.00 will apply. If a trip is canceled after the bus has been dispatched or arrives at the pick-up location, a minimum 2-hour charge and mileage charge from the TSD facility to your pick-up location will be assessed. In order to cancel a field trip, contact the department at 805-385-1519 or

2022-2023 RATES: Charges begin and end at 516 West Wooley Road, Oxnard, CA

  • Durham School Services: 49.00 per hour.
  • Oxnard School District:   45.00 per hour and $1.50 per mile


Overnight: Trips are billed by the mile and hour. (Up to 16-hours.) The site/department is responsible for the driver's accommodations on overnight trips.

Drop and Pick Up: Trips are billed by the mile and hour. (Four-hour minimum)

One-way take: Trips are billed by the mile and hour. (Two hour minimum on school days; four hour minimum on non-school days & for conflicting trips)

One-way return: Trips are billed by the mile and hour. (Two hour minimum on school days; four hour minimum on non-school days & for conflicting trips)

Stay (Round Trip): Trips are billed by the mile and hour. (Two hour minimum on school days; four hour minimum on non-school days & for conflicting trips)


A 5% surcharge may be assessed for reservations made less than one week before the departure date. A 10% surcharge may be assessed for reservations made less than 24 hours in advance.

$100.00 fee will be charged when the bus returns late from their field trip, and the delay is caused by the group being transported.

$100.00 fee will be charged when food and beverage are consumed onboard a bus requiring more than standard cleaning.

The school site/department is responsible for all tolls, parking fees, permits, meals for trips outside the district, and accommodations on overnight trips.

LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS - The District will not be responsible for any article either lost or left on the bus.