• School Profile

    Emilie Ritchen Elementary School is committed to providing the best educational program possible for our students. With a Strand Focus on Science and Technology, we provide all students with hands-on opportunities to conduct science labs and experiments with 21st century technology to equip them with college and career readiness. The excellent quality of our instructional program is a reflection of our highly committed staff. We are dedicated to ensuring Ritchen School is a welcoming, stimulating environment where students are actively involved in learning academics and positive character traits. Through the shared vision of our staff, parents, and community, our students are challenged to reach their maximum potential.

    Our over-arching academic goal is to raise achievement scores for all significant student subgroups. Working together as a Professional Learning Community, teachers are part of ongoing, grade-level collaborative teams that analyze and discuss formative and summative assessment data so as to:
    1. Identify learning targets and objectives from State-approved, Board-adopted curriculum that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards;
    2. Inform effective classroom instruction practices;
    3. Provide both Designated and Integrated English Language Development (ELD) to support English Learners' language proficiency skills;
    4. Integrate technology (e.g., One-to-One devices, Promethean Boards) to enhance student engagement; and,
    5. Develop and implement student support and intervention programs and services for targeted students.

    Utilizing the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) or Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Model, students are identified through the Coordination of Services Team (CoST) and Student Success Team (SST) to receive Tier I and II-Level Intervention services for English Language Arts and Mathematics provided by Intervention Support Providers (ISPs) in small group settings. Our fully functional Science Lab, operated by our Extra Support Teacher (EST), provides science lessons and labs utilizing Foss Curricular materials to students in grades 2-5 to support general education teachers in teaching Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In addition, identified Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students are provided academic enrichment focused on the school's Strand Focus to meet their academic needs and extend their instructional programs. Students are also given the opportunity, based on need, to enroll and participate in the Oxnard Scholars after school program to receive additional core instruction, academic enrichment, and study skills support. Our Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten programs prepare students to enter Kindergarten with the academic and social/emotional skills necessary to ensure school success. Furthermore, our Transitional Bilingual program offers Spanish Language students the opportunity to gain bilingual and bilteracy skills prior to being fully included in a Structured English Immersion setting.

    Here at Ritchen, we take pride in fostering a safe, positive, and professional learning environment. In order to address our students' social, emotional, and behavioral needs, students are identified through the CoST and SST process to receive individual and/or small group counseling services provided by our school counselor. Our progressive discipline matrix assists teachers and administration with clear guidelines for responding to student behavior at both the classroom and school levels. The CHAMPS (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success) model guides all staff in providing a proactive and positive approach to managing student behavior both in and out of the classroom. Our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)/ School Safety Team meets on an ongoing basis to analyze student discipline data, identify areas of focus, and provide recommendations to school staff in order to strengthen our school's positive learning environment. Weekly Eagle Assemblies and monthly Awards Assemblies honor and recognize the hard work and positive choices students make by rewarding students with praise, recognition, and incentives.

    In order for students to achieve their fullest potential, we know that parental involvement is a critical factor to ensure students' educational success. Our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and School Site Council (SSC), in coordination with our Outreach Specialist, offer and encourage parents to become active participants in their children's education by participating in the meaningful and productive opportunities offered. The school's Parent Involvement Policy provides clear guidelines for parents to serve as volunteers in classroom and school activities. Our Back to School Night, Parent Nights focusing on Literacy, Math, and the Strand Focus, along with Trimester "Coffee with the Principal" meetings, further support and foster parental involvement. Moreover, by offering a rigorous academic curriculum, data driven instructional practices, by maintaining high expectations, by fostering a safe, positive learning environment, and by strengthening home-school partnerships to increase parental involvement, Emilie Ritchen Elementary School will meet the goals identified within this Single Plan for Student Achievement.