At Rose Avenue, CHAMPS is implemented school wide to teach students the behavior expectations in each common area: Cafeteria, Hallways, Classroom, Restrooms, Library, Office and Playground. CHAMPS is a research based model that has created a positive school climate and has significantly reduced discipline referrals at our school. With CHAMPS, students are able to learn appropriate behaviors, engage in learning and build positive relationships with students and staff.


In the cafeteria, CHAMPS has helped to establish the expectations for students to maintain a clean eating area while enjoying their lunch.

Hallways MAC (Hallways) Poster

MAC is used in the hallways to teach students the correct and safest way of getting from one place to another on campus.


GO, FLUSH, WASH, THROW, LEAVE is posted in all of the schools’ restrooms to remind students of the expectations they need to follow when using the restroom.

Playground Zones

1st - 5th Grade Playground
TK and Kindergarten


CHAMPS bucks are used as a form of School Wide Positive Behavior Support to reward students when they are following the Guidelines for Success and CHAMPS expectations. Students can redeem the CHAMPS bucks for educational incentives and snacks every Friday at our CHAMPS store.