• Responsible iPad use Expectations for Elementary School Students

    iPads and all technology resources in the Oxnard School District are provided to support—and not detract from—education. iPads facilitate resource sharing, innovation, research, creativity, communication, increased productivity and mobile learning, but iPad access carries responsibility and behavioral expectations consistent with all district and school rules and policies, per BP 6163.4 Instruction Student use of Technology.

    Students must use all types of technology in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner at all times. iPads are the property of the school district and administration and/or faculty has the right to collect and/or inspect the iPad at any time, and to alter, add, or delete installed software or hardware per board policy. The administration will deem what is inappropriate use.

    Students must abide by all the provisions in the Oxnard School District’s acceptable use policy. In addition, elementary school students must also observe the following:

    • This is an academic tool, not a toy. Students are responsible for following through on the correct usage and staff will set the example for that usage.
    • Students are responsible for being prepared daily with a fully charged iPad.
    • Students only use their iPads in classrooms and only when teachers direct or permit their use.
      • iPads will remain in backpacks or face down on desk until told to use.
      • Sound must be muted or headphones used at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.
      • If a student chooses to be off-task using an iPad, the teacher may take it away until the end of the period.
    • Student’s iPad use is strictly for academic purposes while on campus.
    • Students may not use other student’s iPads nor have them in their possession.
    • Students who need assistance with iPad related software or hardware must report the issue to the classroom teacher.

    iPads left unattended or in unsupervised areas

    Under no circumstances should iPads be left unattended or in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas include the school grounds, lunch areas, computer labs, library, and unlocked classrooms.

    Any unattended iPad will be taken to the school office. Parents will be notified and asked to pick up the iPad. Repeated instances will result in a parent conference and/or disciplinary steps.


    Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated. Harassing, denigrating, impersonating and cyber-stalking are all examples of cyber-bullying. Engaging in these behaviors, or any online activities resulting in harm to another person, will result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges. In some cases, cyber-bullying can be a crime.

    Digital Citizenship You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

    1. Be polite. Do not get abusive in your messages to others.
    2. Use appropriate language. (i.e., Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language).
    3. Illegal activities are strictly forbidden.
    4. Use caution in revealing personal address or phone numbers of students to anyone.
    5. Note that electronic mail (e-mail) is not guaranteed to be private. District personnel do have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.

    Technology Related Behavior Examples equivalent classroom violations