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  • Uvalde, Texas

    Posted by OSD Communication Team on 5/25/2022

    Dear Oxnard School District Families and Community,

    Yesterday we were deeply saddened to learn of yet another terrible mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. We are overwhelmed and saddened by the loss of students and teachers in Robb Elementary School. All of us in the Oxnard School District extend our sincerest condolences to all who are affected by this senseless act of violence.

    Please know that our school district works closely with law enforcement every day, taking many precautions, including safety drills and other measures. We encourage anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious to say something to a trusted adult.

    In the meantime, some of you may have questions about how to talk to children about today’s shooting and other recent tragedies across our nation and our world. Here are some resources to consider:

    We hope that these resources may be helpful as we all process this tragic event and we thank you for your continued partnership in keeping our students and staff safe.

    Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of Robb Elementary School.


    Dr. Karling Aguilera-Fort

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  • Uvalde, Texas

    Posted by OSD Communication Team on 5/25/2022

    Estimadas familias y comunidad del Distrito Escolar de Oxnard,

    Ayer nos enteramos con mucha tristeza de otro terrible tiroteo que tuvo lugar, esta vez, en Uvalde, Texas. Nos sentimos abrumados y entristecidos por la pérdida de las vidas de estudiantes y maestros en la escuela Robb Elementary. Todos en el Distrito Escolar de Oxnard extendemos nuestras más sinceras condolencias a todos los afectados por este acto de violencia sin sentido.

    Sepan que nuestro distrito escolar trabaja diariamente en estrecha colaboración con las fuerzas del orden, tomando muchas precauciones, incluidos simulacros de seguridad y otras medidas. Como siempre, alentamos a cualquiera que vea o escuche algo sospechoso, que se lo comunique a un adulto de confianza.

    En este momento, algunos de ustedes pueden tener preguntas sobre cómo hablar con los niños acerca de este tiroteo y otras tragedias recientes ocurridas en nuestra nación y el mundo. Aquí pueden encontrar varios recursos: 

    Esperamos que algunos de los recursos arriba indicados sean de utilidad mientras procesamos este trágico evento y les agradecemos por su continuado apoyo para ayudar a mantener a nuestros estudiantes y personal a salvo.

    Acompañamos en el sentir a las familias de las víctimas de Robb Elementary.


    Dr. Karling Aguilera-Fort

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  • Oxnard School District Statement Regarding the Contracts with Professor Joanne Boaler

    Posted by OSD News on 4/20/2022 9:00:00 PM

    Oxnard School District Statement Regarding the Contracts with Professor Joanne Boaler


    In 2018, the Oxnard School District applied for and was awarded a 3-year block grant to specifically work on improving math instruction, making the math curriculum more accessible for students, and increasing math proficiency for Oxnard’s students. As part of the grant requirements, the District administration developed a plan focused solely on improving the teaching and learning math. The plan was presented to the Board in February 2019 with a primary focus on improving teaching and learning math through additional math specialist support providers and significant professional development anchored in the math curriculum and framework Mathematical Mindsets authored by Professor Jo Boaler.  The professional development plan and estimated costs are outlined in the Grant Plan.  The District has worked with the Ventura County Office of Education and others to provide professional development on the math framework developed by Professor Boaler.

    Working with Prof. Boaler

    In Fall 2020, the District contacted Professor Boaler to provide professional development for Oxnard’s teachers in Mathematical Mindsets.  The District was excited to have the Professor Boaler conduct the trainings because she is the author of  Mathematical Mindsets and a leading contributor to the State’s new Math Framework.  Professor Boaler is widely recognized as the leading researcher in current mathematical practices. The District and Professor Boaler agreed to a fee of $40,000 for 4 training sessions and $15,000 for two additional parent sessions. The training sessions were grade level specific and held for 2 hours each.

    The contract with Professor Boaler uses an hourly rate of $5000/hour—this rate comes from breaking down the cost of $10,000 for each of the 2 hour professional development sessions. It is rare for the District’s professional development or speaker’s time to be described as an hourly rate because prior to presenting the professional development session, the speaker must prepare for the training and hold meetings with the District team to confer on making the training most effective. As written, the hourly rate does not explain that the provider must spend significant time preparing and meeting with the District administration in advance of the training.  Professor Boaler ultimately provided 5 professional development trainings for the District and 2 parent sessions.

    Date Provided

    Presentation by Professor Boaler

    Number of Participants

    Oct. 22, 2020

    Grade specific training TK -1 (2 hours)


    Oct. 28, 2020

    Grade specific training 2-3 (2 hours)


    Nov. 5, 2020

    Grade specific training 4-5 (2 hours)


    Nov. 12, 2020

    Grade specific training 6-8 (2 hours)


    Feb. 4, 2021

    Parent night (1.5 hours)


    Dec. 2, 2021

    Parent night (1.5 hours)


    Dec. 9, 2021

    TK-8 The Big Ideas (2 hours)



    Professor Boaler has been compensated a total of $65,000 for these services ($40,000 for professional development trainings and $15,000 for the parent sessions).  Over 300 teachers and administrators participated in the professional development sessions provided by Professor Boaler.  The per employee cost of the professional development training is approximately $135. This per employee cost for this type of professional development is reasonable and less than the cost presented for similar trainings in the Grant Plan developed in 2019.

    Errors in the Contracting Process with Professor Boaler

    The recent controversy surrounding Professor Boaler has raised questions about Oxnard’s contract with her.   To review, the District and Professor Boaler had agreed to the costs for the professional development sessions when the sessions were initially planned. Unfortunately, when the contract was sent to the District from Professor Boaler’s staff it only reflected half of the cost of the professional development trainings.  The District staff identified the error and requested a corrected contract.  The incorrect contract was agendized for Board ratification.  After the professional development sessions were delivered, Professor Boaler was paid for half of the cost (based on the approved agreement). After receiving the payment, Professor Boaler inquired about the remainder of the fee.  The District staff, recognizing the error, agendized the amendment to the initial contract to pay the additional funds owed for the training sessions as a ratification.   

      After reviewing and understanding the challenges and errors in the contracting process here, the District will take the following steps to improve the contracting process:   

    • Contracts for such services will include a clearly described and comprehensive scope of work.
    • Contracts should also be developed and agendized in a timely way to avoid ratifications.
    • Trainings such as the ones provided by Professor Boaler should be described as a flat fee for each training. If the speaker requires an hourly rate the contract must include the presentation hours as well as any other time spent in preparation of the training -including pre meetings and the speaker’s preparation time.

    The District appreciates the expert training provided by Professor Boaler and will seek to improve the contracting process going forward. The District has no further contracts with Professor Boaler.

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  • COVID-19 Update/Actualizar3-14-22

    Posted by Communication Team on 3/18/2022

    Good afternoon Oxnard School District Community,

    Oxnard School District continues to follow the recommendations of Ventura County Public Health (VCPH). This week, VCPH stated they will now follow the guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in its entirety. This change means there is an update to the decision trees that guide how our schools will manage confirmed or suspected COVID-19 at PK-12 schools.

    Decision Tree English 3-14-22

    The major updates include:

    1. Group contact tracing is now strongly recommended. Oxnard School District will continue to conduct group contact tracing
    2. Temperature threshold of 100.4
    3. Mask mandate goes from required to strongly recommended
    4. Testing for indoor sports is no longer required, however weekly testing for indoor sports and band continues to be strongly recommended.
    5. Updated Student Decision Tree: Language was added to exempt screening, testing and quarantine for those who have had COVID within the past 90 days.

    As always, if a student or staff member is sick, please stay home. Please continue to pre-screen your student before leaving home to ensure they are not coming to school with COVID-like symptoms. Students with symptoms are still approached the same way as before.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Karling Aguilera-Fort

    Superintendent, Oxnard School District


    Buenas tardes comunidad del Distrito Escolar de Oxnard,


    El Distrito Escolar de Oxnard continúa siguiendo las recomendaciones del Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Ventura (VCPH). Esta semana el VCPH declaró que seguirán todas las directivas del Departamento de Salud Pública de California (CDPH). Debido a este cambio hay una actualización en los diagramas de decisión que guían la manera cómo las escuelas tratan los casos confirmados o sospechosos de COVID-19 en las escuelas K-12.

    Diagrama de decisión en español 3-14-22

    Las principales actualizaciones incluyen:


    1. El rastreo de contactos en grupos es ahora es muy recomendado. El Distrito Escolar de Oxnard seguirá realizando el rastreo de contactos en grupos.
    2. El umbral de temperatura es 100.4
    3. La orden de uso de mascarilla pasa de ser de uso obligatorio a uso muy recomendable.
    4. Ya no son obligatorias las pruebas de detección semanales en el caso de deportes en espacios interiores. Sin embargo, sigue siendo muy aconsejable realizar pruebas de detección en el caso de deportes en espacios interiores y de la banda.
    5. Se ha actualizado el diagrama de decisión para estudiantes: Se agregó texto adicional que exonera de evaluaciones, pruebas de detección y cuarentena a aquellos que hayan tenido COVID-19 en los últimos 90 días.


    Como siempre, si un estudiante o miembro del personal está enfermo, debe quedarse en casa. Por favor, continue evaluando a su estudiante antes de salir de casa para asegurarse de que no viene a la escuela con síntomas similares a los del COVID-19. Se tratará los casos de estudiantes que tienen síntomas similares a los del COVID-19 de la misma manera que ha sido hasta ahora.


    Dr. Karling Aguilera-Fort

    Superintendente, del Distrito Escolar de Oxnard



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  • Webinar 3-10-22 Seminario Virtual

    Posted by Communication Team on 3/17/2022

    The information from the March 10, 2022 webinar can be found here in both English and Spanish. 

    La información del seminario web del 10 de marzo de 2022 se puede encontrar aquí en inglés y español.

    Webinar 3-10-22 Seminario Virtual

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