• Family Services

    Our Special Education Services Coordinators provide referrals to:

    • Vision
    • Dental
    • Basic needs (clothes, food, etc.)
    • Services to homeless families
    • Counseling for kids, parents, and families
    • Behavior intervention (positive discipline)
    • Behavioral health intervention
    • Family Trauma/Discord (Domestic Violence)
    • Referrals to pre-school programs
    • Parent and Child activities together (play, art activities, and story time)
    • Informational/educational workshops (ex. Nutrition and Triple P)
    • Speech evaluation intake
    • Transition referrals from Tri-counties 

    For more information, contact Sara Garcia at (805) 385-1578 Ext. 7406 or Lizeth Machuca at (805) 385-1578 Ext. 7407