• Welcome

    The San Miguel staff are pleased to welcome you and your child. The San Miguel Program is operated by the Oxnard School District, and serves children from birth through five years old who reside in the Oxnard School District's school boundaries.

    Program Philosophy

    At the Oxnard School District, we are committed to providing education and support to families and children with special needs. Our interdisciplinary team provides evidence-based assessments and interventions that address the needs of each child. We are dedicated to providing a high quality program that is individualized and developmentally appropriate for the ages and specific needs of the children we serve.

    A child's development should include independence, self-help skills, communication, pre-academic skills, social, sensory, motor, and problem-solving skills. These areas are implemented through evidence-based practices, and an emphasis on hands-on activities. We provide a combination of self-directed and teacher-directed activities.

    We value strong communication and team work to help our students. We cannot do this without you!

    Our Objectives

    • To provide an environment where children have exposure to varied enriching experiences designed to promote the physical, cognitive, communicative, sensory, social, and self-help growth of the child.
    • To provide a setting conductive to the development of good relationships with peers and adults.
    • To promote safety in and out of the classroom.
    • To provide activities that will help children develop fine, gross, and sensory motor skills.
    • To develop the skills to follow directions in a small group.
    • To promote the development of thinking, listening, and memory skills.
    • To provide a comfortable, happy and loving school experience by maintaining a regular, predictable routine, while balancing structure with free play.
    • To prepare children for school by teaching them the first steps in communication, listening, following instructions, and participating in group activities.
    • To respect and support each of the children and families we serve.
    • To provide a healthy and positive environment where all children can learn.
    • To develop independent skills, to integrate with typically developing peers.