Mrs. Martinez
  • Hi students!!! It's Mrs. Martinez (Mrs. C)I would love to hear about how you are doing. You can check in by using the Student Check-in Form. I will also be available to meet with you virtually (which means on video). If you would like to check-in fill out the Counselor check-in form and answer when you are available to meet. I will send you an email to your gmail app on your ipad with instructions. 

    If you are experiencing a crisis, please call 1(800) 988-2243.

    I invited you to participate this week and every week in...


    This week's skill is Washing Hands

    Check out the activities you can do below and send me a picture to on Friday. 

    Activity for TK-3rd Grade

    Activity for 4th/5th Grade

    Washing Hands Coloring Sheet

  • Hi Thunderbirds!! 

    My name is Claudia Martinez. I am happy to be at Ramona Elementary and am looking forward to a great school year!! I have been at Ramona for the past 5 years. I have 3 children of my own and enjoy spending time with my family as much as getting to know each one of you at school. It has been a pleasure to serve our community and support our students and staff. Hola! Mi nombre es Claudia Martinez. Yo he trabajado en la primaria Ramona por los pasados 5 anos. Yo tengo 3 hijos propios y disfruto pasar tiempo con ellos al igual que con todos nuestos estudiantes en la escuela. Ha sido un placer servir a nuestra comunidad y apoyar tanto a los estudiantes como al personal de la escuela Ramona.

    We are going through some though times with many questions and, you may wonder what can you do at home? Here are some ideas. Check out the links below: Durante estos tiempos dificiles en casa, que hacemos? Aqui hay algunas ideas. 

    What is this Coronavirus?

    Crafts, Activities, Drawing, Mazes

    Review our Coping Skills Coping Skills

    Mindful Rainbow Walk Rainbow Colors Walk

    Check out this list of FUN HOME ACTIVITIES!!!


    If you need support and would like for me to call you, go to the "Counselor Request" icon on your Ipad and fill out the form or Click here Si estudiantes necesitan apoyo durante el tiempo que nuestras escuelas estan cerradas, yo seguire disponible. Los estudiantes pueden llenar el formulario en su Ipad que dice "Counselor Request" o oprimir aqui