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     Measure D

    Welcome to the Oxnard School District School's Measure “D” Facilities Improvement Program website.  This website is intended to provide information on the District’s Measure “D” bond program, including background information, an archive of documents relating to the bond programs and proposed events and milestones.

    Thanks to voter approval of Measure “D” in November 2016, the District has embarked on a program to continue to transform Oxnard schools.   Measure “D” authorized the District to issue  an additional $142.5 million over time.  The bond program was established to build new classrooms, relieve student overcrowding at every school, and modernize school facilities to meet current building standards.

    After much consideration and research of options, the District elected to reconfigure its educational program.  The reconfigured program supports K-5, K-8, and 6-8 school models.  The K-5 schools offer educational strands that would be further enhanced by academy programs at reconfigured 6-8 middle schools.  The K-8 schools provide additional choice to parents and provide greater opportunities to extend select educational programs.   Measure “D” improvements are being designed to support these educational reconfiguration goals, enhance academic achievement, and provide parents with a range of educational options for their children.

    The website provides a platform to communicate progress and what lies ahead.