• Second Grade Distance Learning 

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Distance Learning June 1-June 18

  • Hello Students and Families,

    Remember this is a three week plan.  Our goal is 1.5 hours a day, broken up throughout the day.  Your teacher will reach out by Zoom, Dojo, Google Classroom, or phone.  In addition we all have daily office hours, we are here to help. 

    Language Arts

    Theme 4 WK3 

    Genre: Realistic Fiction :   Read the Stories below.

    Key book)”Happy New Year”(Lock Book)Dear Primo, A letter to My Cousin Teachers will provide the story on Google Classroom or  can be found on child Ipad on ConnectEd

    Reading/Spelling and Vocabulary Activities

    1. R-Controlled vowels with  or (like in north ), ore (like in store), oar(like in roar), ar(like in park )

    Spelling Words:   part, start, park, oar, roar, board, more, store, port, north

    Write your words 3 times each.

    • Highlight the silent letters ( or, ore, oar, ar) from your spelling words

    • Write you words in alphabetical order

    • Write your words with green consonants and yellow vowels

    • Write your words with rainbow letters

    • Write your words with silly letters (wavy, small print, with a marker)

    High Frequency Words and Vocabulary:  ago, carry, certain, everyone, heavy, outside, people, problem, together, warm , common, costume, customs, favorite, parades, surrounded, travels, wonder

    Choose 3 of the following activities

    • Define each word

    • Draw a picture of each word

    • Use each word in a sentence

    • Record yourself explaining what 5 words mean, say the word and then define it.  

    • Make a word search with the words

    • Make a flash card for each word with definitions on the back. Practice with a family member.


    Math Lessons 4 and 5

    Chapter 10 Lessons 1, 2 (review), 4 and 5 TIME(practice)


    Teachers will be sending out slides through Google Classroom

    Ch. 10 Time

    Lesson 1:(review sheets)

    Students will tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest hour, using A.M. and P.M.

    Lesson 2:(review  sheets)

    Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest half hour, using A.M. and P.M.

    Lesson 4:Students will tell time to quarter past, half past and quarter to on an analog clock for example:  1:15(quarter past 1 )1:30(half past 1) and quarter till  2 (1:45).

    Lesson 5:  Students will tell time to 5 minute intervals for example( 1;05,1:10,1:15, 1:20,1:25,1:30,1:35,1:40,1:45,1:50,1:55, 2:00)



    Social Studies/Writing

    Please, write the rules on a piece of  construction paper. Tell me what are the rules to play your game.  How many turns will each person have? How will I win  and what will you win when people play your game.(Please, write the steps by using your transition words First, Next, Then, Also, Finally).



    Cardboard Challenge/ Cains Arcade

    Students will be engaged in decision making, planning , creating and executing an arcade game for their cardboard box challenge.  Teachers will be sending step by step activities on Google Classroom.


    The Body Coach TV


    Students will be  drawing a well detailed arcade game they will be creating with their family.  Please, draw on a white piece of paper and take a picture and share it with your teacher.  Make sure you label all the parts of your game.  


    Level 1 Unit 1 lesson 3(Emerging)Mrs. Kleinheksel's ELD students

    Level  1 Unit 1 Lesson 4

    Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson 5


    Unit 1 Level 2 (Expanding) lesson 3 Mrs. Wood's ELD Students

    Unit 1 Level 2 Lesson 4

    Unit 1 Level 2 Lesson 5


    Unit 1 (Bridging) Lesson 3 (Mrs. Wood's ELD students)

    Level 2 Unit 1 Lesson 4

    Level 1 Unit1 Lesson 5



    Typing Practice


    AR 360, Take a Quiz

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