• Fourth Grade Distance Learning 

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Distance Learning June 1-June 18

  • Parents:

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  • Hello 4th-grade students and families!

    Here is our three-week plan for 6/1-6/18. The goal is for you to work on your schoolwork for about 2 hours a day. That time can be broken up throughout the day or in one sitting. You can work at your own pace on these assignments. Feel free to message your teachers if you have questions or if an assignment link is not working.

    Language Arts/Writing

    1) Read  A Drop of Water on Connect Ed or Google Classroom. There is an AR quiz on this with an AR level 5.8. 


    Practice your Vocabulary words for Unit 5 Week 3. You can access this through either Connect Ed and/or Google Classroom. There are 4  activities on Google classroom for you to practice vocabulary.  

    The words are:

    • Cling

    • Dissolves

    • Gritty

    • Humid

    • Magnify

    • Microscope

    • Mingle

    • Typical

    2) Take the Selection Test on Connect ED AFTER you are finished with the story AND the Vocabulary activities. 

    How to take the quiz: Log on to Connect Ed, then tap Wonders, To-Do list and then My Tests. When you see the test, tap and hold “Take Now!” and tap “open in a new tab.”  

    3) Grammar and Punctuation- Your teacher will assign the following lessons in Khan Academy:

    Apostrophes and Contractions

    Introduction to the possessive

    Its vs. it’s

    Punctuation: the comma and the apostrophe: Unit test

    4) Writing- Google Slides Memory Book

    You will fill out each slide using complete sentences and share it with your teacher.  The slides will be posted as an assignment in Google classroom.


    Read 25 minutes a day. Take AR quizzes if you can. You can find out if the book has a quiz and what level on arbookfind.com

    Fill out the Reading Log on Google Classroom for at least one of your readings this week.

    The goal is to reach 100% by June 12th.


    Watch and listen to this video daily.  It will help you remember key ideas for measurement.



    The next three weeks we will work on Measurement (mass, volume, length).  Watch the videos and complete questions, work at your own pace, but try and spend 30 min a day on Math and 15 minutes on math games.  You can break this up throughout the day. 

    • Log on to khanacademy.org

    • Your teacher has assigned the lessons about customary and metric measurement.  Try to do three lessons (video and practice) each day. 


    If you finish the lessons, check out Freckle and Prodigy for math games. 

    (free at the time of this posting-parents are under no obligation to purchase any apps, products or services if advertised)

    Splashlearn Games for 4th  The first game called “Relate Metric Units”

    Fun Brain-Measure It

    Splash Learn Time Games 



    Social Studies


    You will choose a mission in California and create a slideshow on the template created by Google Slides. Each slide should include a photo. Be creative.

    Here are some links about the missions.

    Part 1 California Missions

    CA Missions Part 2

    Website: https://missionscalifornia.com/

    Website: http://californiamissionsfoundation.org/the-california-missions/


    Watch these mystery science mini-lessons and the bonus videos two times before answering the questions posted in Google Classroom.

    Mystery Science How do flowers bloom in the Spring?

    Mystery Science Why do birds lay eggs in the Spring?



    Work on the Mind and Body Challenge. Ignore the month at the top,  just focus on one activity each day. You can also find it in Google Classroom.

    Mind and Body Challenge


    Father's Day Art

    Flag Day Art

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    Sue Green
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