• Fifth Grade Distance Learning 

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  • Parents:

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March 23 - April 3 Distance Learning

  • 5th Grade Recommended Distance Learning Plan

    Language Arts/Writing
    Continue with Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone
    1. Teacher will provide YouTube link on Google Classroom to listen to story
    2. Review questions will be provided for chapters

    Read 30 minutes a day. Continue taking AR quizzes and 25% of your goal is to be done by April 3. Books may be found on MyOn if needed.

    Additional Resources:
    RazKids Free Trial Available
    Diverse Book Lists
    Keep a Ritchen Reading Log
    Choose one of your completed AR books to write an OSD Book Report.  All AR books should be followed by a quiz. Write in complete sentences using correct grammar and punctuation. Make your sentences AWESOME!

    Students should practice writing genres they have been taught.  In addition this is a great time to email a family member or send a letter to someone who may be home alone.

    Links will be provided for the concept of multiplying and dividing fractions either through YouTube or Khan Academy
    1. Teacher will provide practice problems
    2. Students will continue with Math Countdown 1 problem each day, look for teacher instructions on Google Classroom
    3. Prodigy 15 minutes per day

    Additional Resources:
    5th Grade Math Games

    Social Studies
    Extension: Upload The Story of Jamestown by Eric Braun on MyOn
    * Create a timeline for important events presented in the book

    Extension: Upload The Mystery of the Roanoke Colony by Xavier Niz on MyOn
    *Explain your thoughts on why the settlement was not successful

    Do a mini lesson daily using the link below or teacher will place link on Google Classroom:

    5th Grade Mystery Science Mini Lesson
    Teacher instructions will be specified on Google Classroom for other activities.
    Additional Resource:
    5th Grade Science Experiments at Home

    Typing Practice
    Khan Academy

    Free 5th Grade Art Lessons
    How to Draw Chewbacca

    GoNoodle for Families

Important Resources