Second Grade Distance Learning Page

  • Hello Students and Families,

    This is a two-week plan. Our goal is for your child to work 1.5 hours a day, broken up throughout the day.  Your child’s teacher will reach out through Class Dojo, Google Classroom and Zoom. In addition, we all have daily office hours. We are here to help you.

    Please sign your child in to Google Classroom and ConnectEd, if you haven’t already. Assignments and books will be posted there.  

    Language Arts:

    Theme 5 Week 3

    Essential Question: What do heroes do?

    Read the stories below:

    “Cesar Chavez” and “Brave Bessie”

    Teachers will provide the stories on Google Classroom or can be found on your child’s iPad on ConnectEd.

    Spelling pattern: Variant vowels /u/: oo, u, u_e, ew, ue, ui, ou

    Spelling Words: room, flu, June, new, glue, fruit, crook, could, full, push

    Choose 3 of the following:

    • Write your words 3 times each.

    • Write 5 sentences using a spelling word in each.

    • Write you words in alphabetical order

    • Write your words with green consonants and yellow vowels

    • Write your words with rainbow letters

    • Write your words with silly letters (wavy, bubble, marker)

    • Write your words in a staircase letters

    • R
    • RO
    • ROO
    • ROOM

    High Frequency Words:  laugh, several, please, busy, brought, love, else, happy, I’ll, maybe

    Vocabulary: agree, challenging, discover, heroes, interest, perform, study, succeed

    Choose 3 of the following:

    • Define 10 words

    • Draw a picture of each word

    • Use each word in a sentence (a sentence can have more than one word in it)

    • Record yourself explaining what 5 words mean, say the word and then define it.  

    • Make a word search with the words

    • Make a flash card for each word with definitions on the back. Practice with a family member. 


    Teacher will provide practice pages/problems on Google Classroom. 

    My Math: Subtract Three-Digits Numbers & Money

    Week 5/18-5/22

    Lesson 8-Problem Solving
    Lesson 9-Subtract Across Zero
    Lessons1-9 -Review
    Week 5/25-5/29

    Lesson 1-Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes
    Lesson 2- Quarters
    Lesson 3- Count Coins


    The writing prompt calendar is in Google Classroom.

    Choose 3 days each week from the May Writing Prompt calendar, and write 4-5 sentences about the prompt. 


    Social Studies: 

    Read these books on MyOn:  Cash, Credit Cards, or Checks: A book about Payment Methods 

    Save, Spend or Donate?: A book about Managing 

    Answer the 3 Y’s

    Why might this matter to me?
    Why might it matter to people around me?
    Why might it matter to the world?
    Teachers will assign additional assignments on Google Classroom. 


    Do 20 mins. of activity each day. Here are some suggestions. GoNoodle has many other videos too.


    Other helpful Websites:





Second Grade Contacts

  • Summer Whitehead 
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    Sylvia Spencer
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