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  • Mrs. Roberts


    Packet pick up on Tuesday 5/5/2020 from 11-12pm, zoom meetings Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please upload completed work on your portfolio in DoJo

    Week 5/4/2020-5/15/2020

    Guided Practice via Dojo and Google class for Alphabet sounds,sight words, and video lessons. Also, zoom guided instruction available.

    Language Arts

    • Group 1 Ela
    • explode lesson 8 

    • Rhyme cards group 1-2

    • writing group 1-2

    • explode lesson 7

    • Group 2 ELA  

    • RN group 3 

    • Group 4 ELA


    • Group 1 Math

    • Group 2 Math

    Mrs. Centeno


    Mrs. Centeno will contact you about work pick up. Students are required to provide work samples.

    * Log on and complete activities on Freckle.

    * Log on to Epic and read daily.

    Month of May

    Follow calendar of activities on your packets.

    Week May 18, 2020

    • Follow the weekly schedule for your packet dated week of May 18-22

    • Log on to Freckle and Epic to complete the activities

    Mr. Thacker



    Hello Class,
    I am now able to grade submitted work with points.
    If you are having trouble with anything please email me and look forward to phone calls I make early in the week.

    For all fifth graders, we will be having the meetings with the Middle Schools including you, your parents and your new teachers.. The date is June 3rd.
    Here are the times: 9:45 Reynel, 10:00 Jackie, 10:15 Alejandro, 10:30 Miguel, 10:45 Ramses, 11:00 Erick, 11:15 Jade, 11:30 Adrian, 11:45 Jasmin

    NEW!!......Only one person is doing Reading Horizons and 5 people are doing MyOn, and no one is taking the AR test for the reading books. We need to figure out what we can do about this. I will reach out again with the phone early next week. I have been receiving many emails and uploaded work so that is great! This is a tricky time for all and just want to help you.My email is

    Report cards are coming so any unfinished work can be turned in late. I just need to know everyone is working. If you are working on packets tell me when I call. Please answer my phone calls ending in 0711........

    Take care, Mr. Thacker

    Vocabulary for the week of 5/04/20
    1. meteor
    2. gravity
    3. star
    4. tide
    5. comet
    6. core
    7. Moon
    8. telescope
    9. Earth
    10. layers

    Monday: Holiday
    Tuesday: words in sentences,
    Wednesday: ABC order
    Thursday: parents quiz you-misspelled words 5 times each
    Friday: parents test you with all ten words and pick five to put in sentences

    I have also included 4 math sheets. You don't have to finish them, copy the problems and solve. Work on them for a half hour Mon-Fri.

    Practice skip counting on your fingers with numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 25.

    ******Please do MyOn for a half hour daily and take the AR tests. Pick the areas of Science and/or Social Studies.####################

    Go onto Reading Horizons for 15 minutes a day Mon-Fri.

    Have fun with the Prodigy application. Take care of yourselves. It would be nice if you could call each other.

    Mrs. Richey


    Meeting with students daily, working either individually or in small groups. Students are working on skills addressed in IEP goals, and getting any needed guidance/help on work assigned by their classroom teacher.

    Week 2

    Please check ClassDojo for any changes in meeting times.

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