• 8th gr promo



    • Parents, please continue to communicate with your child regarding the end-of-the-year eligibility requirements.  The requirements were established so that ALL students can participate if they want.


    • 8th Grade Student Promotion Dress Code: 
      • All participating students are required to wear a gown (zip closed) over an outfit. 
      • Gowns are provided by the school. 
      • Students have to wear comfortable, safe, and enclosed shoes.


    • Four (4) tickets per 8th-grade student.
      • Small children (Infants and Toddlers) do not require tickets IF they sit and remain on a parent's lap throughout the promotion ceremony.  If a child is seated on a chair, the child requires a ticket.
      • Stroller parking is available away from the general seating so as to ensure safe egress in case of an emergency.
      • Doors open at 3:30 pm. at gates B and C.  No exit and re-entry. 
      • 8th graders go to the cafeteria/multipurpose room from 3:30 p.m. to 3:50 p.m.


    • Parking is available along Thurgood Marshall Drive and our school parking lot.


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Marshall Families, 

We are exited to provide the following information about Grad Night 2022 to ELIGIBLE 8th grade students. To verify if your child is eligible, please contact the City of Oxnard- Recreations department or Marshall School office. Please note that our school office will be closed from April 8, 2022- April 18, 2022. Our office will open on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. If your child needs a copy of his/her ID, please contact our office. Thank you



To purchase the Grad Night Ticket, CLICK HERE

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Promotion Contract for 8th Grade Class of 2022

  • Marshall School 8th Grade Promotion and End of the Year Activity Contract, April 2022

    Dear 8th Grade Students and Parents/Guardians,

    This letter outlines the requirements for participation in the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony on June 14, 2022,
    and all other end-of-year activities. Participation in these events is a privilege for students. Students that do
    not meet the behavioral or attendance expectations may be excluded from the 8th Grade Promotion ceremony
    and/or activities. Final determination for participation in the promotion ceremony and other end-of-year
    events is at the discretion of the administrative team at Marshall School.

    Please read through these requirements and guidelines. The behavior and attendance policies regarding the
    exclusion of students from the promotion ceremony will be strictly enforced.

    • In order to participate in the Promotion Ceremony and other related events, students must:
      • Complete and return this form no later than Monday, April 25th
      • A Promotion Contract must be signed to attend any events.
      • Maintain appropriate behavior for the remaining time of the school year (April 25st - June 17th)
      • No suspensions from school
      • No violations of behavior contracts (if the contract is put into place)
      • Frequent classroom disruption will result in the creation of a behavior contract
      • Maintain reasonable attendance expectations (April 25th - June 17th)
      • Truancy (skipping classes) will be considered a violation of policy
      • iPad and all textbooks must be returned by the end of the school year. The exact date will be provided later.
      • Arrive to class on time (applicable to activities only) (April 25th - June 17th)
      • Three (3) or fewer tardies for 2nd through 8th periods – Attend all activities
        • Four (4) tardies – Miss 1st activity
        • Five (5) tardies – Miss 1st and 2nd activity
        • Six (6) – Miss 3rd activity
        • Seven (7) or more tardies - Miss ALL activities


    Promoción de 8.º grado de Marshall School y contrato de actividades de fin de año, abril de 2022

    Estimados estudiantes de 8º grado y padres/tutores,

    Esta carta describe los requisitos para participar en la Ceremonia de promoción de octavo grado el 14 de junio
    de 2022 y todas las actividades planeadas para el fin del año escolar. La participación en estos eventos es un
    privilegio para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes que no cumplan con las expectativas de comportamiento o
    asistencia pueden ser excluidos de la ceremonia y/o actividades de Promoción de 8º Grado. La determinación
    final para la participación en la ceremonia de promoción y otros eventos de fin de año queda a discreción del
    equipo administrativo de Marshall School.

    Lea estos requisitos y pautas. Se aplicarán estrictamente las políticas de comportamiento y asistencia con
    respecto a la exclusión de estudiantes de la ceremonia de promoción.

    Para participar en la Ceremonia de Promoción y otros eventos relacionados, los estudiantes deben:

    • Complete y devuelva este formulario a más tardar el lunes 25 de abril. Se debe firmar un Contrato de
    • Promoción para asistir a cualquier evento.
    • Mantener un comportamiento apropiado durante el tiempo restante del año escolar (25 de abril-17 de junio)
      • Sin suspensiones de la escuela
      • Sin violaciones de los contratos de comportamiento (si el contrato se pone en práctica)
      • La interrupción frecuente del salón de clases resultará en la creación de un contrato de comportamiento
    • Mantener expectativas de asistencia razonables (del 25 de abril al 17 de junio)
      • El ausentismo (faltar clases) se considerará una violación de la política.
    • Llegar a clase a tiempo (aplicable solo a actividades) (25 de abril-17 de junio)
      ○ Tres (3) o menos tardanzas del segundo al octavo período: asistir a todas las actividades
      ○ Cuatro (4) tardanzas – Perderá acceso a la 1ra actividad
      ○ Cinco (5) tardanzas – Perderá acceso a la 1ra y 2da actividad
      ○ Seis (6) – Perderá acceso a la 3ra actividad
      ○ Siete (7) o más tardanzas: perder TODAS las actividades
    • El iPad y todos los libros de texto deben devolverse antes del fin de año escolar. Se les dará la fecha
      exacta después. 

2021-2022 8th Grade Promotion Information

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