Oxnard School District Mathematics, PK-Grade 8

  • Matthew Haber, Manager of Mathematics and Physical Education

    My name is Matthew Haber. I am the new Manager, Mathematics. I have been developing teachers in the area of TK-8 mathematics for over 25 years. I taught all grade levels in the Los Angeles area, then began leading TOSA’s and developing and facilitating professional development. For the next ten years, I led mathematics in part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. I was recruited by the San Joaquin County office of Education in 2013 where I worked with districts to improve math instruction. I wrote two books for teachers and parents centered around supporting our learners in the 21st Century. I am extremely excited to come back to the county that educated and inspired me. I am looking forward to meeting all educators in the Oxnard School District. I look forward to working together to improve math instruction in the Oxnard School District. 

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